Why “On the Edge of Reason?”

Up until now, the whole focus of knowledge gathering in our Western culture has been based upon prediction and control over a natural world seen as unconscious, impersonal, and mechanistic, lacking all interiority or subjectivity. The climax of this worldview has resulted in such linear “Western” perspectives as Capitalism, mass production and consumption, the drive for financial profit, race for political power, and push for technical advancement. These ideals have led to everything from increased pollution, the destruction of rainforests and extinction of endangered species, to the depletion of natural resources, wars, global warming, and even the Great Recession.

In recent several years, however, it seems there has been a cultural shift toward thinking differently about the way we approach the world.

This shift in mindset can be observed through many avenues, including the current “green revolution” that we are witnessing, a preference for organic food and products, an exploration of holistic health options, a maintstream interest in yoga and meditation, a push toward green building, etc. In essence, we are moving out of the “age of reason” and toward a new, collective worldview that is being spurred by globalization, the Internet, and technology.

Whether it be professor Richard Tarnas who refers to this time as the “Great Initiation,” speaker David Icke who refers to it as “the cutting edge of human civilization,” author Penney Pierce who calls it the “Age of Intuition,” or the fact that 2012 marks the end of a several-thousand year cycle of time according to the Mayan calendar … it seems clear that change is one thing on everyone’s mind and that progress toward improvement is not only of increasing interest, but imperative.


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